Eromanga-sensei First Impressions


“Your illustrations are really erotic!” – Izumi Masamune

If you liked OreImo, then you’ll most likely enjoy EroMan (That’s what I’ll be coining the short version as). This is because EroMan was adapted from a light novel created by the same team that made the OreImo series; Tsukasa Fushima and Hiro Kanzaki.


Like OreImo, A-1 Pictures does the animation for this series. The art stays true to Kanzaki-san’s designs for the characters and has a lot of emphasis on the characters as a whole. The fluidity of their actions are smooth and the way they interact with one another is great. There’s not really much to say about the animation other than the fact that it is reminiscent of OreImo.

Music / Sound:

ClariS, the same music duo that did the OP/ED of OreImo returns to doing the OP/ED of this anime. The ED is pretty catchy. As for the soundtrack in whole, it’s nice. There’s not one that really makes it memorable though. But hey, it’s only the first impression, I’m sure that will change as I continue watching this!

The voice actors are incredible, Akane Fujita isn’t one of those VAs who has a lot of experience on her hands but the way she voices Sagiri is neat! On the other hand the the VA for Izumi is pretty talented. He’s done a lot of animes out there like Re:Zero as Betelgeuse and No Game No Life as Sora. It has quite the good cast in my honest opinion.



I want to say this now, Kanna from Maid Dragon was loli of the winter anime season. Sagiri is the loli for the spring anime season. She is adorable. She draws ero-manga as a living but the only thing is that she uses her own body to get proportions right in her body, which I think most artists do in real life anyways. Though she does all of this, she is timid and gets embarrassed easily. She doesn’t want her identity to be leaked out as some erotic illustrator.


Izumi is talented, for a guy to write so much at a such a fast rate, it’s incredible to be honest. Izumi is your typical caring, friendly older brother. He is a high school student but he also writes light novels. You can see how much it relates to the two creators of the light novel itself (lol). He seems to have a friend at his school that looks really cute as well. I’m seeing a lot of similarities to OreImo in this…

There were other characters that were introduced but not formally, which means that they were shown, but their names weren’t disclosed or mentioned. All in all, the character designs are cute. I like it. There wasn’t much character development in this episode but I’m hoping for the next ones they start to delve into that stuff.

All in all, EroMan is a wonderful anime that if you want to scratch your itch for an OreImo sequel of sorts or just want something that really piques your interest of… little sisters. This is just the right anime for you and you’ll have a lot of fun with this one.

My first impression is that I love this and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for the anime viewers out there. If you haven’t watched the first episode, I suggest you do so!

I’m open to critique and hear what I can do to improve as a reviewer! Please do comment what you think about what I can do to get better or even talk about your own opinions about this anime down below!


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